Alejandro Fraga - About me


Hi! I'm Alejandro Fraga Cimadevila, a Game Programmer based in Galicia (Spain)
I love video games. Playing or making them. I just graduated with Honors from the Master in Video game Development by the Complutense University of Madrid and I am starting my professional career in the video games industry. Graduated in Computer Engineering, I’ve been working in software companies from Madrid and Santiago de Compostela
My Journey
I studied Computer Engineering in the University of Santiago de Compostela. While studying, I made extracurricular practices in Bahía Software, a software consultancy, as a Full-Stack developer. After that, I was offered a job as an Intern developer
I moved to Madrid to study the Master in Video game Development whose main goal is to specialize IT Engineers in Professional video games programming. During that time I also worked at Expleo Group, a software consultancy, as a Backend Developer in charge of the maintenance of an application for Siemens
The Final Master Project consisted in developing of a PC video game as part of a team of 20+ people, divided in 5 specialized departments and using Unreal Engine 4
This great experience allowed me to perform within a multidisciplinary group as well as improve my team working skills. The final product is Voidout
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